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What is Massage Therapy?

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment stemming back thousands of years and originating from all over the world.


Massage therapy can be applied on its own or in a complementary manner alongside other forms of therapy. At its core it aims to support you in balancing mental, emotional, and physical needs. The type of massage therapy will depend on presentation of the patient, their condition and specific needs.

Our massage therapist comes with 13 years of experience and a vast background of knowledge ranging from physiotherapy to visceral manipulation. 


Remedial Massage
Clinical Lymphatic Drainage
Relaxation Massage
Sports Masssage
Pregnancy Massage
Head, Neck & Scalp Massage
What is Massage Therapy?
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What is Myofascial Therapy?

A form of physical therapy used to treat dysfunctions within our muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascial systems and joints. Myotherapists specialize in not only treating your aches and pains; but also finding their source, providing long term solutions and multifaceted treatment options. Some things you may experience in a myotherapy session include; massage techniques, dry needling, cupping, joint mobilizations and corrective exercise advice. Myotherapy takes a more holistic look at our musculoskeletal system than massage alone.

What can massage therapy help with?

The following is a list of conditions for which Massage Therapy can prove beneficial in alleviation of symptoms but also, in some cases, resolution of the condition. Please contact us if you would like further information regarding a specific ailment. 

Hand Drums

Muscular-Skeletal Conditions

Headaches & migraines

Jaw pains

Neck, thoracic & low back pain


Fascitis & tendinitis

Scars & post-surgical adhesions

Joint pains

Postural problems

Acute & chronic sports industries

Upset Stomach

Visceral Conditions

Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Childbirth & Pregnancy

Back and neck pain

Hip pain

Fluid retention

4th trimester posture and tensions

Taking a Break

Mental Health



Sleeping Difficulties

Cardiovascular Conditions

Improve circulation in the arms, legs, chest and abdomen

Neurological Conditions

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Post-operative pain

Nerve impingment

What can massage help with?
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