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Laryn Allied Health Osteopathy


A form of manual medicine which aims to treat the cause of a problem, not just the symptoms.


Osteopathy uses various safe and gentle techniques which work on the bones, muscles, nerves, organs and vascular system.




A method of treatment derived from ancient Chinese Medicine.


Acupuncture is made up of various techniques which aim to stimulate specific points throughout the body.


Massage Therapy

Customised massage therapies to suit your individual needs. These include:

Remedial / Therapeutic

Restorative / Relaxation

Sports / Deep Tissue

Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy & Infant Health

Safe, gentle and effective treatments for mum & baby. 


Osteopathy and 

Acupuncture can help from trying to conceive to post pregnancy, new life and everything in between.


Pain Clinic

Our Pain Specialist uses a

Bio-Psycho-Social model to approach pain which includes diagnostic tools and a range of techniques, including mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy to manage acute, sub-acute and chronic pain. 

Laryn Allied Health Pelvic Health Therapy

Pelvic Therapy

A safe and effective therapy to help if you are struggling with issues such as ​prolapse, incontinence, pregnancy related issues, scar healing, gynaecological surgery recovery.

Laryn Allied Health Baby Sleep Consultant

Baby Sleep Consultation

Sleep consultations for infants, babies and children.


Tailored sleep packages consisting of consultations assessments and individual plans to suit the age and needs of your child in order to overcome any sleeping difficulties.


Our Philosophy

Our mission is to assist healing, educate and prevent. 

At Laryn Allied Health, we believe that in order to restore health we must find the root cause of a problem, not just treat the symptoms. We believe that the body has an innate ability to find health when put in the proper condition to do so. 


The therapies we offer all share this common philosophy, therefore making them the perfect therapies to assist healing the human body and return it to a state of homeostasis - the body's ability to maintain internal stability.


In today's society, too often patients are lost in the healthcare system without a clear direction for how to heal, what type of therapist they need to be seen by, but more importantly how to prevent disease and injuries. Our clinic is here to fill that gap.


Enjoying the Nature

R.F. - Wanaka 

It is a complete place. Laura, my osteopath is perfect, she has a combination of knowledge that allows her to fix me no matter what! The acupuncturist Sujin is also a deep recharge for my body and mind. And it has changed my Life since day 1.
I absolutely TRUST this place and strongly recommend these wonderful professionals.
The receptionist is also always trying to make my life easier and is very committed to help me to find the best schedule.

Taking Notes

I've been a regular at Laryn Allied Health since moving to Queenstown almost 4 years ago and I can't express how grateful I am for their exceptional care. Recently, I’ve been waking up with a tight jaw and persistent headaches. After just one session I woke up today feeling like a brand new person – no tightness, no headaches - just relief!!

Every visit leaves me feeling rejuvenated and completely confident in the expertise of the osteopaths. The care and unwavering dedication to addressing my concerns have consistently surpassed my expectations. If you're looking for effective, compassionate care, I highly recommend Laryn Allied Health.


I have asthma. I could stop coughing easily after acupuncture although I couldn't stop with medicine. I have a neck and shoulders pain since I was a kid. I didn't know why I had any trouble but the Acupuncturist identified the cause easily. My stress was also improved with acupuncture. After that then pain was gone! It's amazing!

M.M. - Queenstown

M.B - Queenstown

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